About iKonnect Israel 

What is iKonnect ?

We are an online Israel platform, committed to bringing modern and historic Israel to you.
We invite you to celebrate Israel's creative energy with us.


We offer the best, up-to-date and most relevant content, information, updates, opportunities and products to anyone who wants to connect to the spirit, the vibe and the energy of modern Israel.

For our clients we offer a bridge to the world of residential real estate in Israel.

Helping them find the right property for them in Israel, buy it and manage it over time.

For us to help you purchase a piece of land in Israel while managing a good investment is an honor.

Making the old Zionist dream a reality.


Why are we doing it?


Our vision

  • We believe that Israel should be better exposed and communicated to the world.

  • We believe that the people, stories, faces, culture, events, and products are the best representation of modern Israel.

  • We believe that anyone who is curious or feels connected to Israel deserves an honest, simple and effective way to explore discover and invest.

  • We believe that Israel related organizations who lead inspiring projects and activities deserve better exposure and connection to their target audiences.

  • Our vision is to connect those dots.

Our mission

  • We are committed to enabling anyone who is curious or affiliated with Israel to discover and connect to the story of modern Israel and its creative energy through stories, people, community, events and products.

  • We are committed to develop and nurture the most honest, simple and effective online Israel platform possible.

  • Our mission is to bring real-life Israel to you.

Who we are

We are a family business of the Tekuzener family from Jerusalem.

The iKonnect Group is led by Akiva Tekuzener.
A family man, father, grandfather, ole from New York  and a Israeli entrepreneur. (Founder of Aztek Technologies LTD, Gcellular Inc, IsraelPhones LTD)


The educational and operational aspect is led by Rivka Tekuzener.

A wife, a mother with over a decade of experience in managing non-profit organizations and educational programs in Israel.

Real estate consulting, technology and resources are managed by Avinoam Tekuzener.

A spouse, certified real estate consultant from the Ministry of Justice in Israel. Capt. (Res.) In the IDF and with great passion for Zionist action.

Together we manage a cross-generational, mixed Olim and Tzabar team of devoted Zionist. We bring our decades of experience in connecting people - in order to connect Israel to you.


We are committed to serve the community of internationals who connect to Israel, either from within Israel or from anywhere in the world.