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We are an American company that manages your real estate in Israel

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  • American company - Work with us and avoid having to deal with overseas transfers and banks.

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Real Estate in Israel

Real estate in Israel is very popular, for those living in Israel and for foreign investors as well.

Since 2008 house prices in Israel increased by roughly 10% annually, plus additional returns.

(Rent and other income that the property generates add another 3% annually on average)

This making Israel real estate a fantastic and stable investment opportunity. 

But buying property in Israel is more than just a financial choice.

The Jewish vision throughout the generations brings many Jews from around the world to make aliyah to Israel or buy an apartment in Israel. (mainly from the United States and Europe) So if you are looking to purchase a house in Israel, for a good investment or as a new home we invite you to scroll down and browse the site in order to learn about the real estate market in Israel.

Why buy real estate in Israel?

If you are here, there is no doubt that you are interested in real estate in Israel. But are you on the fence, and trying to understand why buy in Israel of all countries? After all, real estate is going up in many places. Let's look at some of the reasons to purchase real estate in Israel.

  • Supply and Demand - with a very limited supply of land and a rapidly growing wealthy population, we are witnessing growth in demand where the market can not keep up with the required supply. This is the main factor that causes the real estate market in Israel to rise sharply for decades, this created and continues to create a real opportunity for those who can afford to buy real estate in Israel. Israel is a small wealthy country, it's even smaller considering the possible and desirable living areas. Most of Israel's residential real estate is clustered in pockets in or around the big cities, meaning there is by nature a limited amount of space for people to live in. Therefore, buying in Israel is considered a reliable investment by many.

  • Opportunity - Israel is full of innovative possibilities. Unlike the United States or Europe, one out of every four new apartments in Israel is a result of the urban renewal program AKA tama 38. (a government program to protect old buildings against earthquakes - which also allows the addition of new apartments in order to finance the construction costs and release more apartments to the market.).  You can also purchase an apartment "on paper" - which allows you to buy an apartment or home in Israel that will only be ready in a certain period of time, this has a significant advantage in terms of payment, and in fixing at least 60% of the current market price before it is expected to rise. (You pay only 7% upon signing an agreement and you are fully protected by the Israeli apartment sales law) We believe and specialize in these two main options, although each opportunity must be examined on its own.


  • Because Israel is your place - No matter where you live or what kind of life you have, you have a place in Israel. Nothing can be a bad investment if you’ll truly enjoy using it and a house in Israel at a walking distance from the Old city in Jerusalem or from the beach in Tel Aviv can change your and your families world. The opportunity to connect to thousands of years of Jewish history, is a natural choice.

Israeli beach - Israel

I want to buy real estate in Israel. What areas are best?​​

Let's start with the the main cities.

The two most popular locations in Israeli real estate are, of course, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem project.

People want to live in these two central cities, which makes them very attractive for investors as well.

Tel Aviv Real Estate

Tel Aviv is one of the most popular and expensive cities in the world. Apartments are going on the market for huge sums and rents have been rising accordingly for decades now.
Tel Aviv is characterized as the Israeli high-tech capital. Real estate prices easily reach 65 thousand NIS per s"m. (approximately $18,500 - Jan 23) and half of that for balcony s"m. Since the Israeli real estate market is flooded with demand and people have the money, this market shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

For those looking to make aliyah to Tel Aviv, many neighborhoods have become very popular with olim chadashim mainly Americans, English and French. This means that if you decide to make aliyah to Tel Aviv or purchase an apartment on the beach in Tel Aviv  you will be surrounded by a community of internationals in Israel.

Tel Aviv is also popular because of its international character. It is the first city to notice and embrace new styles, culture, food and art and so Tel Aviv attracts people from all over the world. It is also known as a city favored by young professionals, with impressive parties and productions. This makes Tel Aviv a good place to have an apartment for rent, since if you are under thirty and have the option you will want to live in Tel Aviv. However, there is family life in Tel Aviv as well. The best schools in the country, museums and cultural institutions that are among the best in the world. Parks and of course Tel Aviv's famous beach for a perfect summer picnic.

Jerusalem Real Estate

Jerusalem is very loved, almost every religion in the world attaches importance to Jerusalem in one way or another. Jerusalem is a religious, cultural and national center. The special atmosphere of Jerusalem attracts olim chadashim and foreign investors who recognize the uniqueness of the city and its special potential. So why Real Estate in Jerusalem?

  • The religious element - There is a special appeal to the Jewish sentiment, especially to those who wish to make aliyah or retire to the Holy City. Jerusalem is more religious, quiet on Shabbat when most shops and restaurants are closed differently than in Tel Aviv. And of course, the old city and the possibility of being close to the Western Wall. Jerusalem is one of its kind.

  • Value for your money (Price) - Despite the international uniqueness, and the ancient city that is perhaps the most famous in the world. On average, apartments in Jerusalem cost around 35% less than those in Tel Aviv. Which means that in Jerusalem you can find more large properties suitable for families and still be located in a central city. The city is less limited in terms of outward growth and produces a variety of solutions for young couples etc. who want to stay close to the city. Jerusalem offers a variety of real estate opportunities and if the market continues as it has been for decades, it is also an excellent investment.

Israel's countryside​​​ Real Estate

Israel's countryside (peripheria in Hebrew) is the name given to the cities in Israel that are not in the center, grouped around the Tel Aviv block. They are less expensive than the central area of Israel, but make no mistake they are thriving towns with excellent urban spaces. Often, they are quieter and more family friendly than the main cities.

Israel's countryside favored by olim chadashim from the US and Europe include Caesarea and Ashdod, both of which have the added advantage of some of the most stunning beaches in the Middle East. Alongside Ra'anana and Rishon Lezion, each of which has its own unique characteristics.

Israel's countryside​​​

The "far" countryside​​​ Real Estate in Israel

If you are looking for a house with space, that will bring you peace and quiet at a good price then this is the option for you. Away from the chaos of urban life, Israel's nature can be healing and empowering.

The "far" countryside​​​ in Israeli Real Estate includes homes in the Golan, in the Galilee and in the Shephelah. (the area between the coastal cities and Jerusalem) They are of course remote in Israeli dimensions and surrounded by Israeli beauty and nature. They will likely be larger and cheaper than any other option.

That said…​​

The real estate market in Israel is full of opportunities and possibilities, but it is important to consult an expert. We recommend consulting a qualified consultant who has market power and experience. We give such advice for free, just leave your details here and we will get back to you. We help our clients navigate the Israeli real estate market and locate the best deal for them.

Purchasing real estate in Israel as a foreign buyer

When buying a property in Israel, you’ll need to take into account that the buyer’s status changes the normal flow. Non-citizens and non-residents are both subject to specific taxation, and transferring money can be a process.


But don’t be intimidated. All you’ll need is an experienced, English-speaking team with a knowledge of not only the market, but also the law. Working closely with leading professionals who will pave the way to a thriving future in Israel.

A river in Israel

We invite you to celebrate Israel's creative energy with us.

Schedule a free online meeting today ! 

* The above should not be regarded as an individual recommendation but rather as statements based on our experiences. Before making any decision, please consult with us or other professionals who will examine your case individually.​

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