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5 Things You Should Know Before You Come to Israel

It only takes one visit to Israel to figure out how unique the country is. But before you plan your next trip to this magical little strip of land, there are a few things we thought you should know.

The wing of an airplane in the sky

Work on Your Haggling Skills

If there’s anything Israelis love, it is finding a good bargain. We’re not sure why, but Israelis have this constant need to find a better deal or create a shortcut for anything. If you manage to master the art of haggling, you will gain immediate respect from any Israeli you meet.

Staying Connected

Israel has a great Wifi network, especially in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, but when you come to travel in Israel there are many more places that you are going to visit, and those places can be less network friendly, to say the least. The easiest solution in our opinion would be to order a prepaid Sim plan for when you arrive, then all your cellphone fears will disappear.

Uniforms Everywhere

In Israel, there is a mandatory draft to the defense forces, so it is quite common to see soldiers in uniforms, sometimes carrying guns, walking around anywhere- the mall, the market, or even at the beach. So if you leave your hotel and run into an 18-year-old woman, wearing a green uniform and carrying an M16 don’t be alarmed, it is quite normal here.


If you happen to find a restaurant that seems nice, but you notice that they don’t have your favorite seafood or pork dishes, chances are that this place goes by the Jewish regulations of Kashrut, basically meaning you won’t find pork, seafood or dishes including combined meats and dairy. In fact, most places in Israel are probably kosher, so the more you’re mentally prepared for this, the less surprised you will be.

One Big Family

Israelis consider themselves to be one big family, therefore in order to fit in, all you have to do is start calling everyone Achi or Achoti (brother or sister), even if you are arguing with them. One short word can help you easily blend in.

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