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“Inspiration comes from everywhere, so I created my line based on my own life inspiration.”

For Talia, that inspiration came from ‘baby’ everything! She has always been into baby accessories, clothing, and products- specifically strollers. People actually call her the “Stroller Expert” she knew so much about them!

A Zoom session between a young man and an older gentleman on the SĀGE site

How it all began

SĀGE was founded by Esther Herscovich in 2019, in her attempt at finding an engaging way to keep her parents active in their later years, all the way in Canada. She saw that although they both had an abundance of knowledge in their previous work fields, they had nothing to do with this expertise. There are thousands upon thousands of older people stepping into the pension life, with a real drive to stay active, and unfortunately with nothing to do.

Most of the options for pensioners include very little beyond volunteering or taking classes. SĀGE believes that pensioners should be giving the classes! Older people can and should share their passions and knowledge with younger generations- and for pay! What better way to learn a new skill than from an expert in the field for many, many years?

SĀGE provides the platform for older people to make supplemental income to their pension by tapping into their expertise, and continue to work. This platform gives them the flexibility in creating their own schedule while still being active! Not only does SĀGE create the space for pensioners to expand themselves, but the wider community reaps the benefit. We get to utilize and explore new avenues from people who were never accessible to us.

A Zoom session between a young woman and an older gentleman on the SĀGE site

Although the goal of SĀGE was an in-person experience, Covid-19 has brought some new and exciting changes, pushing them to go online, and launch internationally! Since March 2020, SĀGE has really taken off, with users around the world, including Australia, South America, North America, and of course, Israel. Today, classes are held on zoom, and SĀGE offers free 20-minute trial classes in a diverse range of topics, with options for more paid classes.

The most popular classes have been in managerial skills, with topics such as leadership in a business setting and time management. However, Esther’s favorite classes are those in the creative arts.

The founder’s favorite part?

She was able to use her parents as some of SĀGE’s first teachers, and that has been the most rewarding part for her.

Esther explains that as the conversation surrounding ageism becomes more common, people are realizing that older people have much more to contribute to society, especially the economy than we realize. And the goal of SĀGE is to help continue this conversation and bring about change as well. The founder’s favorite part?

She was able to use her parents as some of SĀGE’s first teachers, and that has been the most rewarding part for her.

A woman on a laptop screen with a vase of flowers below a long quote

SĀGE even has a committee of “sages”, pensioners above the age of 60, working hard together to help create the platform into what it has become. Talk about utilizing their expertise!

Fun Fact from Esther herself

"When I went into quarantine (2x!!) during Covid-19, I found my biggest social circle amongst the pensioners involved in SĀGE. Now, some of my closest friends are above 60! As an Olah myself, I really value keeping my family outside of Israel close, something we can all relate to. SĀGE began as a project for them, and has continued to grow into a project dedicated to so many more!"


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