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A Different Tel Aviv

The Corona epidemic changed the world entirely. Let's take a look at how it changed our favorite Israeli city - Tel Aviv!

A bicycle parked outside a shop in Tel Aviv

As I walk through Tel Aviv, I can't help but feel so much has changed in the last seven months of the Corona pandemic. Many businesses have not gone back to full service, many people are working from home now, and sometimes the city feels so quiet. I also observed many great changes in these times, too!

More bikes

Lockdown has been great for bike sales apparently. I started noticing the surge in bikes in my neighborhood in Tel Aviv, and sure enough, I saw a news program that explained how bike sales have surged during this time. In normal times, electric bikes accounted for 75% of sales and regular bikes were 25%. During these times, those rates have switched, with regular bike sales at 75%! It seems like people are in less of a rush and more keen to be active these days!

More houseplants

I too suffer from a houseplant addiction. But during the lockdown in Tel Aviv, everyone has decided to expand their collection. The balconies all over have filled up, and there are companies advertising houseplant sales left and right. Check out GRDN TLV by Bicicletta for gorgeous houseplants that you can deliver right to your door. Our homes have become our sanctuary- might as well make them beautiful!

More picnics

Have you noticed that all the parks seem to be full of people eating outdoors? I know, I know, it's because the restaurants aren't open. However, as someone who loves picnics, it warms my heart to see people eating and spending time with their loved ones despite the hard times. Most restaurants are doing takeaway, so find a grassy patch and enjoy!

Online shopping surge

With the malls still closed or open with limited access, we miss shopping! So many stores in Tel Aviv have perfected the art of online shopping. From plant stores (like GRDN TLV) to Golf Home, to specialty stores like Yooletta (my go-to for cool stationery and decor) online shopping seems to be the way of the world now. While I do miss in-person shopping, it's still nice to be able to get everything you want, delivered right to your door!

Online learning

It seems like every aspect of our lives is online now, but learning online can be extremely rewarding. Art, baking cakes, and even Ulpan (Hebrew classes) are now being conducted online in Tel Aviv! You can simply Google what you want to learn, and get started! No time like now.

We know these times are tough, and we hope that we will get back to some semblance of normalcy soon, but for now, we're making the best of this crazy Corona pandemic!


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