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The Kotel on Tu B'Shvat

Everyone has an "Only in Israel" story, here is Sara's story.

A few years ago I was at the Kotel (Western Wall) mid-winter for a visit, as I was in Jerusalem for the night. As I got there, I saw two women handing out little bags with dried fruits and candies to everyone.

The Western Wall and the plaza next to it

"When they approached me, I realized that it was actually Tu B'Shvat, and they were handing out bags for people to make their own Tu B'Shvat seders, with all of the necessary foods to make the right blessings!"

The women invited me to join the communal seder at the Kotel, and I walked into a circle of many women, of different cultures, traditions, and religious beliefs, all making the Tu B'Shvat seder together!

Each woman had the chance to make a blessing on one of the fruits, while everyone else said "Amen"! It was so beautiful to see the community created at the Kotel, and I got myself some yummy treats along the way.


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