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A New Year in Israel

Did you know that New Year’s isn’t even an official holiday in Israel?

Two hands wearing rubber gloves shaking hands

Most Israelis think of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) when we say the “New Year,” which is why we call New Year’s the “Silvester” here in Israel.

Silvester is actually the German name for New Year’s and has actually only recently been a day of celebration in the Jewish state, as in Israel, most holidays are national and religious ones.

However, Israelis never turn down a chance to party, and the Silvester has become a night to remember here!

Unfortunately, in times like these, the nightlife may have taken a hit, but Israel has learned how to bring in the New Year in stride.

With all of the changes happening worldwide, a new social and cultural life has been born, and Israelis are committed to making it great!

Young girl wearing an Israeli flag over her shoulders looking over a city skyline

While movie theaters, restaurants, concerts, and parties have gone into hibernation for the season, Israelis have definitely found the perfect alternatives; walk along the streets of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, and see communal parks, fountains, beaches (even benches!) filled with life and laughter, picnic blankets, yummy food, and wine!

While many businesses have boarded up their stores in Israel, online platforms have skyrocketed, and people have turned to the world wide web for support and daily life activities. Somehow, our crazy little country has succeeded in adapting to new and, for many, challenging standards, and continues to innovate each and every day.

With schools, work, and many social events taking place online, Israelis have found new ways of staying connected, through media and online forums. New communities are popping up, new connections are being made, and new friendships are developing.

Israelis have succeeded in creating a togetherness, a sense of community, in times of isolation, that never even existed before!

As a country, we continue into the year 2021 with new development and innovation, community, and most of all, hope.


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