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About the 1848 Winery

Not many of us know that winemaking has graced the modern land of Israel for almost 200 years; and that very first winery is still making wine for Israelis and wine enthusiasts around the world today!

The 1848 Winery honors its rich heritage of eight generations of Israeli winemaking. In 1848 the Galina Shor family founded Israel’s oldest recorded winery, sitting in one of the holiest places in the world-right next to the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem!

recommended boutique wineries - 1848 winery - ייקבי בוטיק מומלצים - יקב 1848
כרם יקב 1848 עם נוף הר תבור


Today, the 1848 Winery still celebrates the impressive eight generations of the Shor family. Rabbi Yitzhak Galina Shor founded the winery in 1848, as a passionate pioneer in the renewal of Jewish settlement in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Shor family has made wine all throughout the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, under the Ottoman Empire, the British Mandate and the State of Israel proper.

From 1848 until today, the Shor family has been at the forefront of all wine revolutions and new innovations within the Israel wine industry.

The winery tells the story of both the history of Jerusalem and of Israeli wine, as it was an integral part of both!

Wine barrels at 1848 Winery - Winery in Jerusalem חביות יין ביקב 1848
1848 Winery


More than 170 years later, the family is still making wine, blending together the values of family, wine culture and tradition, with modern technology in viticulture and winemaking. It is Israel’s oldest winemaking dynasty.

1848 Winery was founded by Yossi Shor, of the family's eighth generation, in 2006. The winery is a small, family winery geared towards producing handcrafted wines of the only the highest quality.


Yossi Shor is the eighth generation in a long line of family winemakers. Through creating 1848 Winery, he has preserved the wine culture and the heritage of his family, whilst taking on board modern ideas, and using advanced state of the art technology in both the vineyards and winery.

1848 Winery sits as one of the most fascinating, innovative and high quality small wineries in Israel today.


Ilan Assouline was born in France and studied at the Institute of Vine and Wine in Bordeaux. He gained work experience in St Emillion Pomerol and Pessac Leognan, and joined the 1848 Winery in 2011. His main objective is to create internationally recognized quality wine, showing the good typicity of the grape varieties in Israel, and to represent the terroir of Israel's vineyards.

אילן אסולין בכרם יקב 1848
אילן אסולין בכרם יקב 1848


1848 Winery was founded by Yossi Shor in 2006 with the objective of making small quantities of handcrafted wines of the highest possible quality. He began his quest by planting new vineyards from 2000/1. The vineyards of 1848 Winery are located in some of the finest wine growing areas in Israel: Galilee, Golan Heights and the Judean Hills. Dr. Pini Sarig, a top viticulturist in Israel, advises in all aspects of the vineyard, from planting to harvesting.

כרם יקב 1848 - The vineyard of the 1848 winery
כרם יקב 1848

And the best part? The 1848 Winery is a part of our wine club! Sign up and enjoy the unique and delicious tastes of Israel's finest Kosher wines!


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