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About the Bat Shlomo Winery

Bat Shlomo Vineyards, located on the slopes of Mount Carmel was established in 1889 by the Baron Edmund de Rothschild as a tribute to “Salomon’s daughter”, Betty Salomon (Shlomo) von Rothschild, the namesake of the tiny village of Bat Shlomo.

Bat Shlomo wine יין בת שלמה
Bat Shlomo wine

In 2010, entrepreneur Elie Wurtman and Napa Valley winemaker Ari Erle partnered to found the latest Bat Shlomo Vineyards, revitalizing the original land, honoring de Rothschild's legacy, and fulfilling his original dream. The unique terroir, steep slopes, limestone rock, along with the lush and green Dalia River, give Bat Shlomo wines their special minerals and superb taste. All of their wines are Kosher, and handcrafted using only the finest winemaking methods: gentle handling, attentive sorting and meticulous blending.

Bat Shlomo Winery is unique in that its vineyards are worked, cared for, and maintained, together with the students of "Regavim" high school, who work alongside the winery through a work-study program that combines agricultural work along with the standard curriculum. The program trains future winemakers, while constantly revitalizing the foundations of Jewish farming which began in Bat Shlomo in the late 19th century. With new innovation and viticulture technology, the Zionist pioneer's dream of de Rothschild can be fully actualized.

Bat Shlomo's vineyards produce a range of fine wines, many of which have been recognized internationally. Most recently, the Bat Shlomo Rose was honored as one of the 5 best wines in the Middle East by Mark Squires of Robert Parker's Wine Advocate. The Betty's Cuvée and Sauvignon Blanc have also scored exceptionally high marks year after year!

The building of Bat Shlomo Winery - מבנה יקב בת שלמה
The building of Bat Shlomo Winery

Wine Tasting Tours with Bat Shlomo Winery

For an unforgettable and authentic wine experience, Bat Shlomo Winery offers vineyard tours and wine tastings at the winery. Led by their professional and personable wine team, the visit begins with a historical walking tour through the Bat Shlomo village, the “Moshava”, that was established in 1889. The tour then continues by vehicle towards the vineyards. Walk through the vines, learn about the history of the vineyard and the growing of their prized grapes!

Tasting Room to experience at Bat Shlomo - חדר טעימות ביקב בת שלמה
Tasting Room to experience at Bat Shlomo

From there, continue on to the "Tasting Room" at Bat Shlomo Winery, to experience a selection of their finest wines in an informal yet informative tasting. Enjoy a food platter of local delicacies alongside your wine, that includes an assortment of cheeses, fresh breads, olives, seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables.

A visit to the Bat Shlomo Winery is one rich with history, a passion for Israeli farming and Zionism, expertise and of course, lots of fun!


And the best part? Bat Shlomo Winery is a part of our wine club! enjoy the unique and delicious tastes of Israeli Kosher wine!


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