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About the Beit El Winery

As we trace our ancestral heritage all the way back to Biblical times, we find ourselves in Beit El, the place where our Jewish forefather, Jacob, fell asleep, and dreamed of God. He dreamed of heavenly angels climbing up and down a ladder, and the Divine was revealed to him.

To this day, the city of Beit El remains one of holiness, a place where history meets spirituality; and together with the help of Hillel and Nina of the Beit El Winery, it is a place where unique and only the finest wine is born.

Beit El Winery began in 1996 with Hillel and Nina Man, bringing the viticulture and winemaking expertise of Hillel's family in California. The winery's vineyards lie surrounded by the palm trees, the figs, and olive orchards of the land's natural beauty and terrain, overlooking the breathtaking views of Israel's Binyamina region. As a family run winery, Hillel's two sons have taken an integral part in the winemaking process, be it overseeing the vineyards or creating new wines!

The boutique winery sells over 20,000 bottles of wine annually, meticulous in the process of planting, harvesting, and fermenting the special grapes of Beit El. With 3 different vineyards, each with their own terroir and agricultural personality, the winery is able to artfully craft the finest array of wines.

A trip to the Beit El Winery is a unique and fascinating one. The vineyards are entrenched in our Biblical history. Looking out over the acres of land, and walking through the blooming vineyards, the rich Divinity of our heritage is strong and potent. The winery offers Biblical tours, with Torah in hand, as you venture out into the very places we read about in the verses each year- with some delicious wine of course! Learn about the wines that our forefathers made, and how the winery is able to continue the beautiful wine lineage our ancestors once began. Understand the nature of the land, the Biblical agriculture, and the coming together of history and present day dreams.

The winery offers the opportunity to host special events- the perfect quaint, and breathtakingly beautiful spot for your next simcha!


Want to experience more of the magic of Beit El Winery? Sign up for our wine club and enjoy the different flavors of Israel's finest Kosher wines!


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