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About the Benhaim Winery

Benhaim Winery is amongst the first Israeli boutique wineries, one that continues the wine-making tradition begun by the Benhaim family in Romania six generations ago. In 2017, the winery celebrated its 20th anniversary of the founding of the Benhaim modern winery in Israel!

Benhaim Winery
Benhaim Winery

What makes Benhaim Winery one of our favorites?

Benhaim makes Israeli kosher wines that are aromatic and fruity! Their wines are made from grapes sourced from vineyards in Israel's Upper Galilee region, on the lands of Kfar Shamai, within the Mount Meron nature reserve. This region is especially known for the unique qualities of the wine grapes it produces. Here, the soil is chalky and rocky with the ideal microclimate conditions, which guarantee a rich and balanced exposure to the warming sun and cool winds. A perfect blend of nature to ensure a perfect blend of wine!

All of the grapes at Benhaim Winery are hand-picked and hand-sorted to ensure only the finest quality fruit is chosen for the finest wines. After fermentation, the wine is carefully aged in select oak wood barrels to enhance the wine’s attributes. All Benhaim Winery's wines are certified Kosher Lemehadrin.

Benhaim Winery's excellence is well known amongst the wine connoisseur community. Benhaim wines have been highly-rated by international wine critics Robert Parker and Jancis Robinson, in addition to the winery's selection as the Best Boutique Winery in Israel at the 2012 Terravino international wine competition! Over the years, Benhaim Winery has achieved over 70 medals at wine competitions both in Israel and worldwide.

Benhaim Winery Visitor Center and Bar
Benhaim Winery Visitor Center and Bar

Benhaim Winery produces wines in four series.

Vin Neuf: Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc dry white wines; Rosé blended blush wine.

This is the winery’s line of young, innovative wines, some of which are produced without aging in barrels in order to preserve the fruit’s flavors and aroma. They are pleasant and light to drink, and can be enjoyed with any type of food and at any time!

Tradition: Cabernet Sauvignon dry red wines; Senna blended dry red wine.

These wines celebrate the winery’s terroir, the family’s winemaking tradition and the flavors characteristic of maturing wines. They are elegant and impressive wines with delicate aromas of fruit, refined varietal flavors and softened tannins on a background of premium oak wood flavors.

Benhaim Winery

Reserve: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot dry red wines; Mythos blended

dry red wine.

Benhaim's Reserve wines will turn every meal into an impressive feast! They are exceptionally rich in flavors, complexity and intensity.

Grande Reserve: The most distinguished series of the winery, Grande Reserve wines are produced only in exceptional vintage years with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from select plots in the winery's vineyard.

Benhaim also produces a luxury bottling of its Grande Reserve wine in partnership with the renowned international Swarovski fashion house in a limited series of magnum (1.5 liter) and double-magnum (3 liter) bottles decorated with unique Swarovski crystals!

It is clear the Benhaim Winery masters the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, producing some of the finest Kosher wines Israel has seen!


If you are looking to explore the rich, fruity, and authentic tastes of Benhaim Winery, check out our kosher wine club to enjoy the different tastes of Israel's top wineries!


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