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About the Drimia Winery

The Drimia, the white indigenous flower standing tall and strong throughout Israel's southern desert, is the perfect namesake for this boutique, family run winery.

drimia wine at drimia winery

Drimia winery was founded by Elad and and Nava Movshovitz, and lies just south of the Judean hills, in the settlement of Sussiya, a settlement that Elad's father helped to establish. As one of the first children of the settlement, and the 3rd generation in a family of agriculturists, Elad always knew he would work with the land. And together with his wife, the two have been actualizing the vision of the holy land: a land flowing with milk and honey- and wine!

The semi arid area of Sussiya is a meeting point between Mediterranean and desert climates. Deep winters enable a healthy slumber of the vines, while the sun, dry air, hot days and cold nights enhance the taste of Drimia's grapes, which are harvested by hand when ripe and ready!

Drimia - israeli good wines

Drimia believes in connecting the past, present and future, man and nature, and tradition with innovation. The winery uses both modern viticulture and technology for the most precise winemaking process, alongside technique and agricultural methods from the old traditions of the land. Together, the blending of our heritage with our Jewish vision creates the most spectacular blends of Israeli kosher wine.

But most importantly, Drimia winery believes in bringing people together, and work hard to make their winery, and their unique wines a universal experience, one that all can feel connected to and a part of. Elad and Nava believe in working together, involving not only their own family and friends, but the people of Sussiya, and surrounding communities as well.

Wine should be a shared a experience, especially when it is made on the holy soil of the Land of Israel.

Drimia winery offers winetasting tours, including cheeses and snacks, where you can learn more about the land, the winery, and the unfolding dream of Drimia Winery!


If you would like to explore the special and many tastes of Drimia Winery wine, sign up for our wine club and enjoy the different and rich flavors of Israeli Kosher wine!


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