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About the Psagot Winery

Nestled into the winding hills of Jerusalem's surrounding beauty, in the Binyamin region of Israel, sits an oasis of culture, history and quality wine!

Psagot peak

Psagot Winery was founded in 2003, on the bedrock of Israel's surviving nation, at the site of an ancient Israelite cave of the Hasmonean dynasty dating back millennium. At this very spot, an ancient coin was found with the carvings of a wine barrel and vines, stamped with the brave words "For Freedom of Zion". And it is the visionaries at Psagot Winery who passionately work hard each day to continue the dream of our ancestors, devoted to working the land of Israel, and reaping from its bounty.

Today, Psagot Winery produces over 600,000 bottles annually, with 70% of them exported globally, to over 27 different countries. Each of their 15 nuanced wines have been carefully crafted from the handpicked grapes of their many vineyards, lining the rocky slopes and chalky soil of the Binyamin region. The unique climate and terrain of the area makes for the most perfect and deeply flavorful wines.

Psagot cabernet

Over the past years, Psagot wine has won countless awards for its excellence, and in 2020, the winery made its move to a new location in Sha'ar Binyamin, and stands as the perfect depiction of an ancient stone inn overlooking the vast beauty of Jerusalem. The winery houses Psagot's impressive wine production plant, and additionally, a welcoming visitors center, with a barrel room of over 1,000 barrels aging each year!

Not only is Psagot Winery the perfect place for summer afternoon tour and wine tasting, but the winery offers itself as an incredible and unique venue for special occasions, such as weddings, brit milot, and bar or bat mitzvahs! The space comes equipped with a colorful garden, breathtaking views, and of course, only the best wines!


Want to discover the best of Israel's kosher fine wines? Check out our wine club, and explore the delicious tastes of Israeli wine, such as Psagot!


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