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About the Ramat Negev Winery

With a vision and a determination to beat the odds, a young and passionate couple ventured down to Israel's southern desert in 1979 to prove the unthinkable, and create life in a barren land.

Alon and Nira Zadok were always passionate about settling the land of Israel's south, and had a dream to grow new life in the beautiful desert. So they packed their belongings in two suitcases, and bravely settled down south, in their own magical oasis along the Egyptian border. Along with five friends, the couple established their very own agricultural settlement.

ramat negev wine RN
נירה מדר צדוק / יקב רמת נגב

With no infrastructure in place, the Zadok's and their community worked hard to establish a village, and learned firsthand the art of desert agriculture.

The young pioneers attempted to plant all types of crops, from grapes to melons, eggplants, watermelons, tomatoes and more. And with each success, they realized that the Negev wasn't in fact the barren land it was for so long thought to be. They learned back then what is now, 35 years later, common knowledge – the Negev has great agricultural potential. Nowadays, the Negev is called the "Produce Granary" of Israel with about 60% of all Israeli agriculture being grown in the Negev.

Alon is a wine lover, who inherited his love of wine from his father, who used to make wine at home. After studying winemaking, Alon eventually recruited his entire family to establish his wine business; and this is how the Negev's first family-owned boutique winery was established!

The Vineyard

It is a known fact that good wine starts with a good vineyard, and the grapevines that grow in desert conditions are actually some of the first to harvest in all of Israel! The Ramat Negev vineyard is composed of mostly red species, with the vineyard being isolated from the other vineyards, with no need for pesticides!

Recently, the winery has made ecology its motto. The winery goes to great lengths to give back to mother nature for enabling them to establish this desert miracle. The winery preserves the balance between human beings and nature to the best of their abilities, by taking ecological actions in a wide range of fields – water, land and air.

The art of producing wine is done with love and passion in the Zadok family. The whole family takes part in the wine production, all the way from the vineyards to the winery and wine marketing.

The Wines

Ramat Negev Winery combines different worlds; tradition and innovation. It is a combination of the new and old world. The growing winemaking methods are of the new world, with innovative technology and agriculture, such as artificial watering, mineral enrichment and fertilization, all using the latest advanced equipment. Yet, the wine itself is of the old world, filling us with the flavors of Israel's heritage. The wine has a lighter body with soft tannins, while the natural fruit flavors are preserved using unique and monitored barreling techniques.

RN wine יין רמת נגב
נירה מדר צדוק / יקב רמת נגב

Ramat Negev Winery is the very first winery established in Israel's Negev region, and one of the first to plant vineyards. They succeed in blending innovation with tradition, and aspire to share the beauty and magic of Israel's ripe and vibrant desert

As of 2021, the winery makes about 200,000 bottles in a wide range of prices. The winery's goal is to make quality wine with affordable prices.


Want more of Ramat Negev wine? Join our wine club and enjoy the different unique flavors of Israeli fine Kosher wine!


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