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Al HaSpectrum

Drama, Comedy | 30 min | Last episode aired: 24. 07. 2018

Rarely do we find quality TV that successfully combines the trials and tribulations of real life, with the perfect amount of comic relief.

Al HaSpectrum, an award-winning Israeli TV show originally aired in 2018 does just this, by raising the public’s awareness about the autism spectrum- all in an entertaining and relatable way!

The TV series follows three roommates on the autism spectrum living together under the guidance of a rehab center in Ramat Gan, as we watch them navigate life through their unique experiences. The show opens our eyes to the struggles, the beautiful moments, the joys, and the pains of living with autism in a very real way. We get an inside look at their journeys through life, love, work, and friendship.

Not only do we grow to love the characters, their quirks, and their stories, but we learn to understand them more as well.

Watch the trailer below:

Al HaSpectrum received the Israeli Emmy equivalent for the Best Drama Series of 2018, and holds international acclaim as well, receiving Best International Series even before it aired! This is the first time ever that Israeli TV received international recognition before it even aired in Israel!

The show received so much positive feedback, that an American version is set to be filmed soon, and aired on Amazon Prime!

If you’re looking for a day in, with heartfelt laughter and a look into an unexplored world, pop some popcorn and settle in. Al HaSpectrum has one season, and is just about to begin filming season two!


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