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#Pakal_Kafe: Dovek Pool

Here's an interesting fact about Israelis - They like to take a pakal kafe with them on hikes in nature, or when they visit their nearby ma'ayan (spring). (or sometimes use them at home!) Why? Do you ask? Well, simply because there is nothing more Israeli than enjoying the outdoors with a nice steaming glass of fresh coffee (*Don't worry, there is always emergency tea for the non-coffee drinkers).

A man swimming alone in the Dovek Pool
Man relaxing in the cool water of the Dovek Pool / Shifra Gottleib

The story

Just meters away from the Ein Sadjma pond, you will find Ein Dovek, a beautiful spot that was built in memory of Dov Weinstock, the father of Yitzhak who the Ein Sadjma pond is named after. The water that fills Ein Dovek comes from the Ein Sadjma pool. Quite a symbolic process.

A plaque on the side of the Dovek Pool stating the name of the pool in Hebrew.
The plaque commemorating Dov Weinstock / Shifra Gottleib

What to expect?

The water in the pond is cool and refreshing, and the pool is full all year long. The area is kept clean and is perfect for your recreational pastime - picnic, BBQ, pakal kafe. Whatever you choose.

A pakal kafe set up at the edge of the Dovek Pool
Set up a pakal kafe at the edge of the pool and enjoy a cup of coffee! / Shifra Gottleib

What you need to know

  • The area recently underwent a cleanup and was rebuilt in commemoration of Dov Weinstock - so please respect the area and keep it clean.

  • It can get chilly in the area, even in the summer, so make sure to bring something warm.

  • Payment & hours: Free and unlimited hours

  • Distance from the parking lot: Right nearby

  • Best season to visit: All year long

  • Family-friendly? Yes

Photos: Shifra Gottleib


Remember the pakal spot: Ein Sajma? Well, this spot is right below that location. Directions to the parking area are the same. The only difference is you will take the path to the right of Ein Sajma and walk down some stairs until you see the Dovek pool. 🚗 By car Drive to Bat Ayin. After you pass the roundabout before Bat Ayin, you will have to make a right turn onto a dirt road. You will see a sign with the name Dovek. Continue along this road until the end where you will see another sign letting you know you have arrived at your destination.


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