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#Pakal_Kafe: Ein Rosh Tzurim

Here's an interesting fact about Israelis - They like to take a #Pakal_Kafe with them on hikes in nature, or when they visit their nearby ma'ayan (spring). (or sometimes use them at home!)

Why do you ask? Well, simply because there is nothing more Israeli than enjoying the outdoors with a nice steaming glass of fresh coffee (*Don't worry, there is always emergency tea for the non-coffee drinkers).

>>> So we @iKonnect decided to hop on this trend!

The pool at Ein Rosh Tzurim and wooden swing at the edge
Credit: Shifra Gottlieb

The story

Amongst the orchards of Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim, inside a small cave hidden in the rocks, runs clear spring water. In the past, the water from the cave was used as the drinking water of Kibbutz Revadim, established in 1947 near the spring.

What to expect?

In the year 2019, a group of children from the kibbutz decided to clean up the area and create a nice spot to cool down on a hot Israeli day. Today, the water is stored in two small pools. The area is clean and there is a sweet view looking out towards the beautiful fields of Rosh Tzurim.

Pakal kafe set up at Ein Rosh Tzurim
Credit: Shifra Gottlieb

What you need to know!

  • The way to get to this spring is only through the Kibbutz (it's a religious one.) Keep that in mind, because you cannot enter with a car during the holy Sabbath.

  • After parking the car there is a 2-minute walk (including steps), so it is not accessible for a baby stroller or wheelchair.


🚙Drive up to Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim and enter through the yellow gate. ⬅️ After you enter, take the first left and go down the road until you hit the T junction. ⬅️Turn left and continue for a few hundred meters until you see the sign "Spring Tzurim". ➡️Turn right and continue straight down the path for about 300 meters. 🅿️ Park the car when you see the stairs on the left.

👣 Walk down the steps for about 10 meters (2 minutes) until you will see the springs on the left (it’s hard to miss)


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