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#Pakal_Kafe Moon Grove (Hurshat HaYareah)

Here's an interesting fact about Israelis - They like to take a #Pakal_Kafe with them on hikes in nature, or when they visit their nearby ma'ayan (spring) (or sometimes use them at home!)

Why do you ask? Well, simply because there is nothing more Israeli than enjoying the outdoors with a nice steaming glass of fresh coffee (*Don't worry, there is always emergency tea for the non-coffee drinkers).

>>> So we @iKonnect decided to hop on this trend!

A path in Moon Grove (Hurshat HaYareah)
Moon Grove / Shifra Gottlieb

The story

Moon Grove, or Hurshat HaYareah as it is known in Hebrew, is one of the best urban nature spots the great city of Jerusalem has to offer. It is located right near the Jerusalem Theatre, and every kid in the area has probably been to the grove either on a school trip, Lag BaOmer bonfire, or even just hanging out with friends.

The grove was originally built as a garden, surrounding the house of the manager of the nearby Hansen Lepper Hospital. Since then, it has gone through a lot of changes, some of the property was transformed into housing projects by the Municipality, but the area that remains was declared an official Urban Nature Reserve in 2017.

What to expect?

The grove is full of large trees, so finding shade won't be a problem. There are benches scattered around for comfortable seating, plenty of pretty flowers, and perfect spots to light a small bonfire or your pakal kafe. If you're lucky and it is a clear day, you might get a clear view of all of eastern Jerusalem.

Making coffee with a #pakal_kafe kit at Moon Grove (Hurshat HaYareah)
A hot cup of coffee is always nice after a refreshing dip in the pool / Shifra Gottlieb

What you need to know!

  • It is Jerusalem, so it can get chilly at night, even in the summer. Bring something warm just in case.

  • Payment & hours: Free and unlimited hours

  • Distance from the parking lot: Right nearby & free

  • Best season to visit: All year long

  • Family-friendly? Yes

🔥 If you plan on lighting a fire 🔥 Please be careful and make sure you read the signs. There are areas where you aren't allowed to, and wherever you are, make sure the fire is surrounded by rocks and far away from flammable branches and shrubs. » Make sure the fire is COMPLETELY OUT before you leave.

A path with stone stairs at Moon Grove (Hurshat HaYareah)
There are many pretty walks to enjoy at Moon Grove / Shifra Gottlieb


🚙 By car: Put חורשת הירח or Moon Grove in Waze or Google Maps and the parking is right beneath the place.

🚌 By bus: Get off at Emek Refaim St / Loid George St stop. Walk north for a few meters. ⬅️ Turn left on Zvi Gretz St. and left again on Dor Dor VeDorshav St. Continue a couple of hundred meters until you will see the large forest on your right.


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