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Beer in Israel - The Answer Some of Our Problems

When you think of alcohol in Israel, what comes to mind is usually a bottle of Arak or a nice bottle of Israeli wine. Yet, over the years, beer has made a giant leap here in the holy land and has quickly become an Israeli favorite.

Today is International Beer Day, and it's totally fitting, because there's nothing like a cold glass of the brewed magic potion, to cope with the Israeli summer heat. So let's review a bit of the history of beer in Israel:


Tuborg imports its first beer to Israel. It wasn't the same Tuborg we know and love today, but there's a reason it's still with us over 100 years later.


Two brothers, Mordehai and Tzvi Rosenberg establish a brewery in Acre, to cater to the British soldier's beer needs. The Pilsner-style beer doesn't sit well with the British, and the brewery closes after three years.


The first commercial brewery is established in Israel - Palestine Brewery Ltd (later known as Nesher). The brewery was established by James Rothschild, alongside the PJCA company and a French banking company.

Once again, this goal was to reach the British soldiers stationed here in Israel, but this time it actually worked. In 1942 they had to expand due to the rising demand and built another factory in Bat Yam. In 1948 the British decided to bomb the brewery in Bat Yam after they suspected the place was hiding Jewish terrorists, but the geniuses mistakingly bombed the printing house next door.


Goldstar, the Israeli favorite beer today, was the first beer to be sold on tap. This happened at the historic Hamozeg pub in Tel Aviv.


The biggest brewery in the Middle East at the time, Mivshelet Sheihar Leumit, opens its doors. One year later, the company exported the biggest shipment of imported beer to the United States - 180,000 beer bottles.


Goldstar launches its campaign, featuring none other than Paul Newman! Crazy!

The 1970s

We won't bore you with old names and numbers, but a bunch of Israeli breweries merge into one big company and control 90% of the Israeli beer market.


The Israeli beer brand O.K.Beer was sold in Egypt, even though there was an Egyptian boycott on Israeli products, and became more popular than Heineken and Tuborg. Maybe beer is the answer to future peace agreements? We think we're on to something here!


Tempo buys out the Mivshelet Sheihar Leumit company and establishes Tempo Beer Industries.


Mivshalot Beera Yisrael is established, as a partnership between Carlsberg and Coca-Cola.


Taybeh Brewing Company, a Palestinian brewery, was formed in Taybeh, a Christian village near Ramallah.


Woohoo, the first boutique brewery opened in Israel - The Dancing Camel. Later that year Malka and Mivshelot HaGolan opened as well.


Israel has over 30 breweries that together create over 100 kinds of beer. As we learned, it was a long way, but Israel has become quite the beer hotspot, in a pretty short period of time.

So here's to another 100 years (at least) with the magical drink here in the holy land!


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