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Ben Gurion - The Man and the Hairdo

David Ben Gurion was Israel's first Prime Minister and one of the most famous and influential Israeli leaders in history. Let's find out a few interesting facts about this great figure.

You probably know that opposed to Herzl’s beard, the most famous and recognizable hairdo in Jewish history not only visited the State of Israel but even served as its first Prime Minister. After a short service in the Jewish Legion, Ben Gurion began his long and illustrious political career, including 15 years as Israel’s first Prime Minister.

Ben Gurion served as Prime Minister twice, until his final resignation in 1963. After his passing, Israel’s International Airport was renamed Ben Gurion Airport.

But did you know that Ben Gurion took a two-year break from politics to build his home in Kibbutz Sde Boker in the Negev? In fact, he and his wife Paula are both buried outside their home, and not on Mount Herzl as you would expect.

Ben Gurion had sleeping problems, but he refused to take sleeping pills, therefore he only slept two hours a night. He also began doing headstands as his doctor advised him, due to his oversized head.


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