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Ben & Jerry’s Factory in Israel

"As an olah hadasha, I will start us off with my own Israeli favorite... ice cream that reminds me of home!"

We all have days when we dream about the rich and sweet flavors of our childhood summer snack, and long to go back in time to get some good old Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Ice cream doesn’t just taste delicious but creates the simple nostalgia we all sometimes need.

Israel understands this need, and in 1989, the country decided to invest in a wonderful Ben & Jerry’s factory situated currently in Be’er Tuvia, a city in Israel’s southern district. Although it has taken Israeli’s quite some time to adapt their taste buds to the creamy and advanced tastes of American ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s has become a staple in this country.

Making around 80,000 pints of ice cream a day, the factory is able to stock the freezers of supermarkets and homes all over Israel.

But why visit the factory in Be’er Tuvia when you can pick up a pint at your local makolet?

Well, aside from a fun day trip with friends or family, you can try flavors that aren’t packaged and sold in stores. Some of our old-time favorites, like mint chocolate chip are available at the factory and are waiting to rock your taste buds.

You can even buy a bucket of ice cream with a scoop of each current flavor! And just like the original Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury, Vermont, Israel has recreated the infamous flavor graveyard, paying tribute to all the flavors that sadly have not made it.

If you are looking for a fun Friday outing, a dose of some childhood nostalgia, and the food delicious enough to feed the soul, Israel’s Ben & Jerry’s factory is the place to be. Don’t forget to stock up on some pints for your freezer while you are there!

** P.S. There is another factory store located in Yavneh **


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