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Caked & Baked

Ever seen a cake so beautiful it looks more like an artistic masterpiece than something you eat? Ever been able to eat it too?

Meet Lee’at, the face behind the wonderfully delicious and artfully crafted business, Caked & Baked. A boutique-y style bakery of personally inspired and custom-designed cakes and cupcakes, ready for pickup in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Caked & Baked founder Lee’at decorating a cake

How it all began

Caked & Baked began five years ago, a few years after Lee’at accidentally found herself in the cake business!

“I created my first decorated cake 10 years ago for my daughter’s first birthday. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing!! But with every birthday after, and even for other kids I knew, I would practice making cakes. And this was way before the help Instagram and video tutorials on Youtube! Eventually, my friends began asking me for help with their own cakes, and then their friends and so on... After a few years, Caked & Baked was born!”

Cake & Baked create artistic masterpieces that happen to taste delicious as well. Each cake is uniquely designed in line with the customer’s vision, whether for a child’s birthday party or a couple’s wedding celebration. They are so beautiful you almost don’t want to eat them! But trust us, it’s worth it. Caked & Baked offers a range of delightful flavors, including your classic chocolate or vanilla, or you can spice it up with a zesty lemon or gin and tonic flavor.

Caked & Baked founder Lee’at holding up a completed cake

If you are looking to test out your own cake-making skills, Lee’at has just teamed up with YouTube/Instagram influencer Georgia Green of Georgia’s Cakes to open Baker Street TLV- a community-based baking studio that offers cake decorating and baking workshops for cake enthusiasts of all skill levels!

“Georgia and I met 18 months ago and realized we had the same idea in creating a fun workshop space for cake lovers like us! Just before Corona, she made Aliyah from London, and we have been working hard to create the perfect space. We are so happy it is finally ready!”

Ready for the coolest fun fact about Lee'at?

Lee’at was recently featured in Pharrell and Jay-Z's latest music video for the song ‘Entrepreneur’. The video is about black-owned businesses, mainly in the USA, however, they reached out to Lee’at and asked if she would like to be included! Lee’at is in the end section dedicated to international businesses.


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