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Changing the Face of Charity with Myisrael

Tzedaka, or charity, is a cornerstone of both Israeli culture and Judaism. Whether from a religious, social, or ethical place, tzedakah has kept Israel and its citizens alive and flourishing since its establishment in 1948- and even before!

While giving to others will always be a strong value of the people of our nation, it can sometimes be challenging.

Why? Because we don’t always know where our money is going.

When giving tzedakah from the goodness of our hearts, we dream of the places and the people our money will help. We think of the mouths it will feed, the houses it will build, and the lives it will protect. Yet, too often, it seems as if our money gets lost in the cause without ever reaching its final destination. Especially when donating tzedakah overseas, the process can feel distant and dry.

This is where Myisrael comes in. Danni Franks made Aliyah to Israel from the UK when she founded Myisrael in 2008, with a passion to help others, and the ambition to make a difference. The idea was to create an authentic way to donate to charity, through adopting smaller, under-the-radar welfare causes throughout Israel, and enabling UK donors to support them directly. With Myisrael, donors are guaranteed that each and every penny donated goes directly to the Myisrael cause of their choice.

With 18 specific and hand-picked Israeli causes to choose from, you can be sure that your money is being the way you’ve imagined.

Check out the Myisrael 10 year anniversary video!

“Myisrael creates choices for donors in both the UK and in Israel to support under-the-radar Israeli causes responsibly, directly and with maximum impact. We adopt homegrown causes, helping Israelis break negative cycles of poverty, poor health, neglect and abuse, often in very innovative ways.”

And not just any cause is adopted by Myisrael. Each one of the 18 causes must pass through a diligent screening process of budget and transparency, in order to maintain the Myisrael 100% promise. Every penny donated goes directly to a donor’s chosen cause. Additionally, the organization takes it a step further and closely tracks how each donation is used.

Not only does this ensure total authenticity, but it allows donors giving their tzedakah money to truly connect with the cause they have chosen, and directly see how their contribution has helped others.

A Dear Cause Close to Myisrael’s Heart:

One of the 18 of Myisrael’s adopted causes is Maslan. Maslan is the only organization in southern Israel supporting victims of sexual and domestic violence, a cause so crucial in saving many vulnerable lives. The organization operates in nine different languages, ensuring that all who need help can be supported, regardless of their ethnicity or background.

A woman with white blond hair sitting in an office speaking with another woman

Unfortunately, during Corona, there was a dramatic increase in sexual and domestic violence, as many were stuck at home, and under duress for long periods of time. The aftermath of this tragedy may take years to deal with, as Maslan saw an increase of over 100% to their call center during this time. Fortunately, the country has organizations like Maslan, giving services to help save and better the lives of so many in need.

Maslan in Action

Noa, a mother of 3, spent years living under the violent abuse of her husband. But it wasn’t until she discovered the abuse of her children as well that she had the strength to stand her ground, and leave. With the help of Maslan’s team of volunteers, Noa began the legal proceedings which eventually put her husband in jail, ensuring her and her children’s safety. The staff at Maslan were with Noa at every step of the way, whether it be through support groups for her and her daughter, therapy, or legal support. With Maslan, Noa began to rebuild her life for her and her family, and look towards the future.

Two middle aged women embracing

Today, Noa is receiving training through Maslan to become a volunteer, and help women like herself who have gone through a similar experience and need support!

Maslan will stay in the lives of Noa and her family for as long as she needs, always here to support and help.

With the help of Myisrael, you can finally give in good conscience, knowing that your tzedakah is going directly to the source: to the lives of others, ensuring their safety, their welfare, and their happiness.


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