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Chef Uri Jeremias

The best place by far for authentic and delicious seafood is Uri Buri in the historical city of Akko.

Akko is a city with a history dating back to the Crusades and further. It is one of Israel's most integrated cities with a population consisting of Jews, Arabs, and Christians. This ancient city steeped in history is home to Israeli chef, Uri Jeremias. This 76-year-old chef runs the small restaurant, Uri Buri, named for himself and Buri, the Hebrew term for the gray mullet fish found off the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

A New Path

This legendary chef spent most of his earlier days on a boat and diving for shellfish in the salty sea on the coast of Akko. When he was older, he spent years traveling in Europe and ended up buying a van in Germany and driving to India. He kick-started his passion for cooking while in India, and there he learned, practiced, and perfected his cooking style. His vision is to only serve food he would eat and incorporate the idea of minimalism into his dishes by using no more than eight ingredients per dish.

When he came back to Israel, by the suggestions of friends, he opened a fish restaurant without any prior experience.

Today, Uri Buri is a world-acclaimed restaurant, and customers from all over Israel and the world flock to taste his delicious dishes.


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