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Cherry Tomatoes - עגבניות שרי

Most of us know the delicious tastes of Israeli foods quite well, as it's hard to resist a good falafel, or some smooth tahini, or even a refreshing breakfast shakshuka.

However, most of us don’t know that Israel is behind one of the cutest, juiciest, and tastiest vegetables out there- the modern cherry tomato!

Cherry tomatoes on a wooden table

The wild tomato itself dates all the way back to the South American Indians, in the 7th century. Researchers even believe that the Aztecs and Incas were the first to engineer the wild tomato in different shapes and sizes.

However, the delicious, popular, and vibrantly colored red, orange, and yellow cherry tomatoes are proudly an Israeli invention, developed at our very own Hebrew University.

The agriculture department created the Tomaccio Cherry Tomato, after spending 12 years researching for a solution for a tomato able to survive the extreme Israeli weather and heat.

Today, cherry tomato seeds developed in Israel are one of Israel’s largest exports internationally, devoured daily around the world!


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