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Coffee Culture in Israel

Look around Israel, and you will notice a trend. Israelis. Love. Coffee. They drink it in the morning, late at night, at parties, at work, in interviews. Coffee is a staple in Israel -- and is a great way to experience Israeli culture!

Israeli coffee culture might have something to do with the fact that it is rooted in Arab and Bedouin culture to drink coffee. We are in the Middle East, after all. Turkish roots contribute to this too.

There are countless chains of coffee shops in Tel Aviv - you can see people sitting and enjoying a fresh cup at all hours of the day or night. Israel is like Europe in that way - there is an essence of cafe culture. Something unique to Tel Aviv is that lining some of the popular streets are little coffee "kiosks." You can see them on Rothschild, near Dizengoff, and others! A quaint kiosk is there with outdoor seating under lush trees - a perfect stop for coffee in the morning!

Kafe hafooh- Israeli coffee you can find in Israel
Kafe hafooh

Coffee is served in various forms - in summer (and other seasons too, who am I kidding) a popular and refreshing drink is ice kafe. It's like a coffee slushie and we recommend it as the perfect drink for the hot Israeli summers.

Another common way to drink coffee is Turkish coffee - also called "botz" (mud). This is the way you will usually see soldiers drinking their coffee, although it's common for those who truly enjoy coffee to drink it on a day-to-day basis! Nescafe or instant coffee is popular too, though true coffee lovers will tell you it doesn't suffice.

Espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos are the way to go if you really want to experience coffee in Israel! Kafe hafooh or an upside-down coffee (cappuccino) is our go-to when ordering!

What's your favorite way to drink coffee in Israel?


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