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Converting My Driver's License

Everyone has an "only in Israel" story, here is Michele's story:

I had just moved to Israel and began to face all of the infamous bureaucracy that comes with it.

Customers ordering coffee at a coffee shop

In my first week in Israel, I went to the Misrad HaRishui (License Office) to convert my US driver's license. There was a mess with the appointment I had tried to book in advance, and created a huge misunderstanding, leaving me frustrated and appointment-less.

The security guard was not treating me respectfully, and I and stormed off in a panic.

Suddenly, a woman from the office came after me and offered me a cigarette and her coffee! She sat with me until I calmed down, and walked back into the office with me, making sure I was directed to the right person.

This would never have happened in the US. The bureaucracy may be a pain, but I feel so taken care of by the people in this country.

Only In Israel!


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