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Darom Adom - דָּרוֹם אָדֹם

Whoever said Winter had to be cold, bare, and colorless?

In Israel, it is actually the opposite! Winter months bring with them green, green, and more green!

Kalniyot flowers during Darom Adom
Kalniyot flowers / Kayla Rosen

Drive through and around the country to see the trees blooming and flowers popping up everywhere. Most people may think of Israel's North as the colorful oasis of our country, the South being bare and desolate, covered in sand.

What most people don't know is that Israel's South is just as colorful and magical, especially in the winter!

A field of red flowers during Darom Adom
A field of red flowers/ Kayla Rosen

February in Israel is known as Darom Adom, meaning a "Red South". And red it is! Drive through Israel's southern region, and find yourself surrounded by thousands of כלניות or red poppy flowers! There are many areas down South that you can find yourself in flower heaven, but a few special places where the country has set up attractions- there are markets with yummy food and authentic and beautiful artistry to make your day even more complete in fields of red!

Two Israeli soldiers standing in a field of red flowers during Darom Adom
Israeli soldiers enjoying Darom Adom / Shifra Gottleib

Don't let these challenging times stop you from experiencing one of Israel's greatest beauties! Pack up your car with friends or family and a picnic, and have fun!


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