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Devorah Cosmetics

As women, it is difficult to find makeup that enhances our beauty instead of covering it up. Often, we have stuck with products masking who we are, not letting our most authentic selves shine through! If you can relate, we have a solution for you: Devorah Cosmetics

Devorah Wolf of Devorah Cosmetics

Devorah Cosmetics was created in 2012 by Devorah Wolf, a woman on a mission to bring all women the ease and simplicity of natural beauty.

How it all began

“I had been working as one of the few makeup artists in Israel who specialized in natural-looking makeup. Most of my clients had either suffered 'makeup trauma' or simply never wore makeup and wanted to look themselves.”

Naturally, her clients couldn't believe the results they saw when they looked in the mirror. They actually recognized their reflections and loved what they saw! Many women wanted to recreate this feeling but were at loss as to how. Asking advice at makeup counters was virtually impossible (and unfortunately often still remains so), as the natural look is simply an unknown phenomenon to many women selling makeup!

“I decided it was time to create a solution right here in Israel. I founded my own makeup company based on the premise that women should have a really simple, natural, and ENJOYABLE solution to makeup.”

And so the custom magnetic palette was born- where each palette is filled with the makeup a woman needs, uniquely matched to her face, skin tone, and lifestyle.

This was a brand-new concept within the makeup industry and thanks to Devorah, was born in our very own Israel!

All of Devorah Cosmetics products are made in Israel and are mineral-based.

Two years ago, the brand opened its flagship store right next to Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem, but unfortunately, due to Corona, the shop has been closed.

However, Devorah Cosmetics has been booming with online sales, with a huge focus on personal attention. Devorah Cosmetics holds Zoom calls with all of their clients the moment they receive their pallets in the mail, and the brand maintains continuous support throughout their makeup journey.

The Makeup Party in a Box items by Devorah Cosmetics

Devorah Cosmetics also recently created the Makeup Party in a Box, which has been the perfect way to recreate the fun-filled atmosphere their store offered. Individuals or groups choose a “look” that they would like to learn! In addition, to receiving their palette with their chosen "look", they will also get a cocktail, a snack, an instruction manual, and a live Zoom session with a Devorah Cosmetics employee. Now we can sit in the comfort of our own homes and still experience a “makeup party” with friends!

"We are passionate about teaching every woman how to find r unique and beautiful features, and how to enhance them. We believe that EVERY woman can do her own makeup with the right products, and it is our job to show them how!"

What is Devorah Wolf’s favorite product?

My favorite product is the “Sunset Glow”, which is somewhere in between a bronzer and glow and makes ANYONE look naturally radiant in 10 seconds!


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