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The Chocolate Game

The Chocolate Game - מִשְׂחַק הַשֻּׁקְלָד

Time: 10 minutes / Players: as many as you want!

A stack of three chocolate bars on a table

The best games are the ones with a nice sweet treat involved!

Well, we've got a game for you; a game of chocolate, of speed, of skill, and agility!

The chocolate game is a game most Israelis will fondly remember from their childhood days. It is simple, fun, and delicious.

What You Need

♦ Chocolate bars (as many as you want)

♦ A fork and knife (ones that can cut into the chocolate bar, or plastic for safety!)

♦ Costumes - can be as simple as silly hats, or intricate as a full-body costume!

♦ 6 sided dice


How to play

◊ Have all players sit in a circle.

◊ In the center of the circle, place the costumes and a chocolate bar with the fork and knife.

◊ Each player will have a chance to roll the dice until someone rolls a 5.

◊ When rolling a 5, the player will rush into the center of the circle, quickly dress in all of the costumes, and use the fork and knife to cut the chocolate bar, and eat as much chocolate as possible!

◊ While the player is in the center, the other players continue rolling. When someone new lands on 5, they must rush into the center, switch costumes, and begin cutting the chocolate!

What is the goal? Eat as much chocolate as possible, and you win!

Watch this adorable family play the game here!


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