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Eat in a Sukkah!

You have probably seen them around -- wooden huts in front of buildings or on balconies -- so what's up with sukkahs anyway? Try eating in one!

Balconies in Israel each with a sukkah

Sukkot is an agricultural holiday that celebrates the harvest. During this time, you can see sukkahs all over the country of Israel. A sukkah is a small wooden hut topped with branches.

In moshavim (neighborhoods in the Israeli suburbs) every house has its own sukkah! Kids hop from sukkah to sukkah and get candy or treats (sort of like American Halloween!) In the cities, you can see sukkahs on the balconies of homes, or in public spaces such as Kikar Rabin. It is also a time for welcoming guests and sometimes strangers into the sukkah for meals!

During Sukkot, people eat or even sleep, in their sukkah. Our tip for you? Experience Israel and try eating in a sukkah!

The weather during this time of year is lovely, and the meals usually consist of fresh fruits or vegetables in honor of the harvest. Every sukkah is uniquely decorated -- with pictures, table and chairs, lights, and more!

So what are you waiting for? This Sukkot, enjoy a meal in a sukkah!


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