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Eden Alene

Meet Eden Alene, Israel’s first Eurovision contestant, who is proudly representing the Ethiopian community at only 20 years old. Eden has been a sensation in Israel since gracing us with her powerful voice and winning Israel’s 3rd season of the #X_Factor at the young age of 17 in 2018.

From there, she went on to win Israel’s own singing competition, #HaKohav_Haba, making her Israel’s 2020 Eurovision representative, set to take place in the Netherlands.

Although Eurovision has been postponed a year due to Covid-19, Eden has already been chosen to represent Israel in Eurovision 2021.

Eurovision is Europe’s annual international singing competition, which Israel won in 2018 with contestant Netta Barzilai! Think flashy, colorful, high-energy, and attitude-filled dance routines, and you’ve got Eurovision!

Eden was born and raised in Katamon, Jerusalem, and performed in the Israeli army’s band during her national service! Her strong voice and exceptional range mimic some of pop culture’s greatest artists, as she successfully wowed Israel and the world with her covers of songs by Demi Lovato and Beyoncé, to name only a few.

However, for Eurovision, Eden was set to come back to her roots, and sing a song of her nation. The song written for her performance combines three languages, uniting the voices of our country: Amharic, the language of Ethiopian Jewry, Hebrew, and Arabic. “Feker Libi”, meaning My Beloved in Amharic, was written by Idan Raichel, one of Israel’s most beloved and talented artists. It is rumored to have been written about Eden and her boyfriend!


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