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Esther Taub Fitness

In a world where most of us are currently stuck at home, getting up and moving is essential.

We have all been looking for that perfect online workout regimen to keep us in check and keep our energies high these last few months, in a fun and engaging way. Well, look no further...

Esther Taub of Esther Taub Fitness standing at the beach
Credit to: Sharoni Galeano Photography

Meet Esther Taub Schlesinger, the leading English-speaking personal trainer for women in the whole beautiful country of Israel!

How it all began...

Esther began her journey into the fitness world many years ago, during her year of National Service in Israel, when a friend asked her to run in the Jerusalem marathon to help raise money for cancer patients in Israel. Without any training or preparation, Esther succeeded in running the half marathon (albeit with a bit of difficulty), and committed herself to run the full marathon the next year, which she completed successfully!

While Esther began studying architecture in her time at university, she became a personal trainer on the side for some extra support. What started out as a 3-person kickboxing class once a week, became a 25-person class twice a week! And slowly, as she began communal running groups and one on one sessions, it became clear that the world of personal training and fitness was truly Esther’s calling.

“Throughout my nine years in the field, I have had the privilege of helping several thousands of women reach their health goals. What started with small kickboxing classes in my apartment, eventually transitioned into a full schedule of around 5-11 personal training sessions every day, 6 days a week! It has been such a blessing and so much fun!”

Esther Taub of Esther Taub Fitness standing with her other trainers
Credit to: Sharoni Galeano Photography

About a year ago, Esther moved her business online, just in time for the world’s mass shift to the worldwide web. She has created a worldwide majorly successful fitness subscription program called LIFESTYLE.

What if LIFESTYLE all about?

The LIFESTYLE subscription is a highly popular elite online workout program designed to help burn fat, build muscle, and become the healthiest version of yourself. It’s a (much cheaper) replacement to a gym membership - meaning once you subscribe to the program, you receive 3 NEW workout videos every single week. Every one of the workouts is carefully designed to make you feel like you have your very own personal trainer with you in your living room! The workouts are only 18-25 minutes long and are follow-along HD videos that you can do anywhere and on any device. The program also includes a detailed high-end MEAL PLAN and meal plan guide which consists of daily food intake schedules as well as over 40 healthy and delicious recipes. Yum!

The best part? The program is fit for ALL FITNESS LEVELS. There is a trainer showing a modified version of every single exercise throughout every workout video.

Needing the support and encouragement from other women on this journey?

There is also a private LIFESTYLE Facebook group, where you will receive guidance, daily check-ins from Esther, bonus workouts, bonus recipes, live videos, and support from all the other women who are part of the LIFESTYLE program as well.

"We currently have almost 200 amazing women in the program and I truly have the most amazing time getting to help all these incredible women change their lives for the better!"

Esther Taub of Esther Taub Fitness sitting on a rock in a forest
Credit to: Sharoni Galeano Photography

Fun fact about Esther?

Esther travels worldwide giving different fitness classes and speeches! She has met different celebrity trainers, and was recently even featured on billboards all over Israel in collaboration with Danone yogurts!

Esther even made it to the second round of auditions for Israel’s show “Israeli Ninja Warrior”!

"My goal is to spread fitness, health, and empowerment to women all over the world. I am a trainer who likes to put a focus on the HEALTH aspect (mental and physical) of fitness. You should not work out or eat healthy because you want to punish your body, rather because you want to celebrate your beautiful body!"

Your body is the home you will live in for the rest of your life! Showing love and kindness by taking care of its health will ensure you are in a comfortable and healthy home for the rest of your life!

Watch one of Esther's videos online!


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