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Exploring Nahlaot

Sometimes we just want to wander around through the quaint alleyways of Jerusalem as we take in the beauty, the stillness, and the unique people all around us. Nahlaot is the best place for this!

The narrow street in the Nahlaot neighborhood
The narrow street in the Nahlaot neighborhood / Shifra Gottleib

Situated right outside of the Jerusalem shuk, or Mahane Yehuda, Nahlaot is one of Israel's hippest communities, filled with artists, musicians, mystics, and more! Nahlaot comes from the word Nahala in Hebrew, meaning inheritance, and symbolizes the land we inherited from our forefathers.

It was first created in the 1800s, as Jews began settling Jerusalem again, and the Old City became too crowded. it was the first community established outside of the Old City! Since then, Nahlaot has grown into one of the most popular, prestigious, and pricey neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Today, you can find many small synagogues nestled into the stone buildings, as Nahlaot at one point had the highest concentration of synagogues in the whole world!

As you walk through the winding and narrow alleys lined with greenery and colorful flowers, take in the artsy vibes of the diverse population that lives there. Artwork, graffiti, and gardens fill the streets and create a positive and lively atmosphere.

A stone house with a rusted metal door in between two panels of graffiti
Fun graffitti on a home in Nahlaot / Shifra Gottleib

On your next trip to Jerusalem, take some more time to explore the areas just beyond the Shuk, and step into the colorful and diverse world of Nahlaot. With its funky coffee shops, artist studios, and quaint gardens sprinkled throughout the neighborhood, Nahlaot is perfect for a sunny afternoon!


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