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Git Photography

Sometimes we all need a little reminder to follow our dreams because they are possible.

We just need to believe in ourselves first and know that we are capable of anything we put our minds to.

A family of four at the beach with the youngest in the forefront taken by Git Photography

Meet Gital, a fashion and portrait photographer based in Tel Aviv, who began her career with a vision and a lot of ambition. Fresh out of the army, and ready to take on the world, Gital founded Git Photography about a year and a half ago. And the rest is history.

Git grew up in the world of creativity, was always the creative one in school projects, and spent most of her time dancing as a teenager. When she began the army, she gave dancing a break and found a new space for her bursting creativity in the photography world.

“The beauty of my job lies not only in the photography itself but in whoever stands in front of my camera. I love getting to know my clients, and my art is in bringing their beauty and character to the world, through a photo.”

For Git, she believes in using her talents to help others see themselves in a new light, to help them develop themselves and their businesses. And of course, she gets to do what she loves, and develop her own skills as well.

Today, Git has made her way into the world of fashion and dance, a highly respected and exclusive field in the art of photography. But with her passion and aspirations, she continues to prove to herself and those around her just how capable she is. “My favorite photoshoots are the dancers. As a former dancer myself, I fall back into the excitement of dance and being in the studio, as I get to be a part of the process and preparation in a photoshoot. Dancing is still a huge part of my life, and I love that I still get to be a part of that world.”

Git recently shot a photoshoot for the WorldWideBallet catalog, the biggest ballet account on Instagram! And the results are truly amazing.

Fun Fact about Git...

"I found my passion for photography by chance! My parents enrolled me in a photography course as a gift for my 18th birthday, and I have never looked back!"

Git aspires to become one of the first studio photographers to specialize with dancers in Israel and around the world! Some of her favorite Israeli photographers include Yossi Michaeli and Shilat Mizrahi.

I would love to work with you; a photoshoot, or even take you on a photo tour with me in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv and accompany you on your trip to Israel!


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