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Habonim Beach

Across the world, the Mediterranean coastline is known to have some of the smoothest, bluest, and most beautiful beaches.

Anyone who has been to Israel knows that its beaches are some of the best parts of the country. Whether the colorful coral reefs of southern Eilat, the turquoise waters of Caesarea, or the people-filled sandy beaches of Tel Aviv, Israel's got the beach scene covered!

But not many people know that there are some lesser-known, but just as wonderful beaches tucked along the coastline of our little country, waiting for your visit!

One of our favorite secret beach treasures is the Dor- Habonim Beach, a magical beach nestled in the rocks of the Tel Dor nature reserve of Northern Israel.

Tel Dor is one of Israel's most majestic and breathtaking nature reserves, filled with loads of greenery, vegetation, cool wildlife, and a beach! Inside the reserve actually sits an ancient city, which you can explore and learn about, originally built next to an ancient Canaanite harbor as well! Archeologists even found ancient vessels from Egypt, and other beautiful mosaic tiles while excavating!

The reserve has many hikes which you can enjoy while exploring the history and fascinating sites along the way, including the site of old ship wreckage, with much of the ship still intact! There are many natural and man-made caves that are worth your time as well, and even a man-made pond called "Cleopatra Cave"- legend says that Cleopatra herself bathed in this pond, and fell in love with it!

But of course, with all of these amazing treasures, we saved the best for last: Habonim Beach. This fairly isolated and quiet beach is quaint and calm, surrounded by large jutting boulders, with crystal clear water.

And if one afternoon just isn't enough for you, grab your tent and camp out on the official campgrounds of the beach! Trust us, this is an experience you want to have!

So grab your sunscreen, a bathing suit, and a snack or two...and ENJOY!



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