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Hadera's Unique Sites and Attractions

When we think of touring Israel, Hadera is usually last on our list- and sometimes doesn't even make this list! Most of us don't realize that Hadera, which is situated in Northern Israel, has many amazing sites and magical gems for us to see, whether a tourist or native Israeli!

Here are the 10 best things to do in Hadera!

01 Salt and Pepper Museum

The biggest collection of Salt and Pepper Shakers in the world with over 37,000 unique pairs, with an amazing story. The many visitors who come enjoy a wonderful tour and hear the amazing personal story of the Museum owner Mr. Eita Bar-On.

02 Hadera River Park

Enjoy a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea while walking along the beach. Plan a full day trip here as there are places to barbeque, gorgeous paths to roam, and an interactive park for children

03 Hasharon Park

A very large park preserving old oak wood forest with beautiful flowers. Pack a picnic basket as this is one of the best places to host a family picnic with the large trees offering refreshing shade.

04 Science Park at Technoda

Planning to go out but it's raining? Head over to the Science Park at Technoda for a hands-on learning experience over the entire spectrum of scientific exposure.

05 Kahn Museum

For a blast from the past check out the Kahn Museum. They have an accumulation of artifacts and memories that have become a museum of the way things used to be upon the founding of the over 120-year-old pioneering community.

06 The Kibbutz Experience at Ein-Shemer

If you want to learn about early kibbutz life and kibbutz life today head over to Kibbutz Ein-Shemer. Learn about the pioneers of the kibbutz in the Old Courtyard Museum and enjoy a tour of the kibbutz itself on a tractor ride!

07 Qaqun Fortress

Looking for a leisurely hike? Try the Qaqun Fortress. When you reach the fortress you will have a beautiful view of the surrounding fields and gardens. If it is a clear day you could see all the way to Netanya!

08 The Eucalyptus Route

If you do not want to go far try the Eucalyptus Route in the center of town. The path has a small but beautiful park with peaceful ponds and fountains.

09 Shvil HaTapuzim

A unique theme park that combines unique water activities (in season) with a variety of dry installations, some challenging and some simply enjoyable. The park is adapted for children from 2 to 13 years old (with parents also invited to enjoy the challenge). Throughout the park, there are over 20 different facilities.

10 The Cactus Ranch

Try something a little different and go horseback riding! The Cactus Ranch is both great with experienced and nonexperienced riders. The trail you will follow hugs the beach along the Mediterranean Sea.

So if you are planning your next day trip with friends, and are getting a bit bored of the classic trips to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, head on up to Hadera and experience something new!


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