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Haggle Like an Israeli

If you’ve heard anything about Israelis, you've probably heard that they feel the need to haggle. Israelis also like to make a quick buck, sometimes at the expense of innocent tourists. If you plan on traveling to Israel any time soon, you should prepare yourself for these kinds of situations. Lucky for you, we put together a list of Hebrew words that will help you maneuver through the stalls and markets like a real Israeli.

01 Yakar - יָקָר

Expensive You may think this word is an obvious word to know before going to a market, and generally speaking, you are correct.

But there’s more to it. If you find yourself trying to haggle with a stand vendor in an Israeli Shuk, just look at him, then at the produce and make a long pshhh noise followed by the word Yakaaar. We guarantee you will gain the vendor’s respect, and the price will miraculously go down.

02 Pachot - פָּחוֹת

Less — In continuation of the Yakar statement, If you really want to show the Shuk vendors you know what you’re talking about, after you go through the Yakar procedure, say the word Pachot. Twice in a row. This semi demand to lower the price isn’t as rude as it might sound, it will just show him you did your homework.

03 Kama? - ?כַּמָּה

How much? — In order to find out how much something costs in the Shuk, all you need to do is make eye contact with the vendor, point at the product, and ask Kama? This one-word question is enough to show him you mean business.

04 Meh’hayom? - ?מֵהַיּוֹם

From today? The explanation is pretty self-explanatory. When you shop at a market, you always want to make sure the product you are purchasing is as fresh as possible. This single word inquiry will help you make sure the food you are buying is nice and fresh, especially at the butcher or fishmonger.

05 Todah! - !תּוֹדָה

Thank you! — Seems pretty obvious, but we don't want to forget our manners after a good haggle success! Make sure to thank the wonderful vendor who gave you a good deal, and maybe throw in a smile too- hey, you may just make someone's day (and keep you on good terms for next time!)


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