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Hebrew as it’s Spoken on the Streets of Israel

Have you ever held a conversation with an Israeli and used a word you learned in your third-grade Hebrew class or maybe in Ulpan, but got a completely different reaction than you expected? It's no wonder why, because your Hebrew teacher didn't teach you street smart Hebrew!

We gathered seven street-smart Hebrew phrases and words you need to know!

01 Hofer - חוֹפֵר

Literal translation: digger

Israeli translation: talking too much

- This man sat next to me on the bus and חָפַר לִי the entire ride. It was awful! - Be careful around Ross. He likes to לַחֲפוֹר about dinosaurs.

02 Lo Boer - לֹא בּוֹעֵר

Literal translation: not burning

Israeli translation: no hurry

- You don't have to send me the email today. It's לא בוער for me. - לא בוער to know what happens on the last Fauda episode.

03 K'fotz Lee - קְפוֹץ לִי

Literal translation: jump for me

Israeli translation: bite me

- Why don't you just קפוץ לי. - I don't care what that guy said, he can לקפוץ לי.

04 Liga - לִיגָה

Literal translation: league

Israeli translation: top quality

- How did the cake come out? ליגה!. - Your apartment is in its own ליגה.

05 Horess Et Habriut - הוֹרֵס אֶת הַבְּרִיאוּת

Literal translation: ruins the health

Israeli translation: gorgeous / beautiful

- Your brother absolutely הורס את הבריאות. - I can't stop looking at this picture, it just הורס את הבריאות.

06 Baktana - בְּקָטְנָהּ

Literal translation: in a little one

Israeli translation: don't worry about it / no harm no foul

- בקטנה, it's no big deal - I just broke a little piece, it's really בקטנה

07 Madlik - מַדְלִיק

Literal translation: lighting

Israeli translation: cool

- Man, your cousin is so מדליק. - Wow, that is quite a מדליק car you have.


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