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Here Comes the Sun: Israel's Solar Energy

Many people are already familiar with the popular Israeli roof ornament - the dud shemesh or solar boiler is ubiquitous among Israeli households. But did you know these boilers save over two million barrels of oil every year? Solar power in Israel has been an integral player in clean energy solutions for the country since the early state, and since the solar boiler’s invention by Levi Yissar in 1953, Israeli solar innovation has continued to flourish.

A Tower of Sunshine

On Saturday, March 16th, 2018, Israel broke the solar power record by producing a whopping 13.4% of the total electricity consumed in the country using the growing Ashalim power station in Israel’s Ramat HaNegev. The massive power station combines solar thermal energy, photovoltaic energy, and natural gas and is a joint venture between Brightsource, GE, and Alstom. The most important part--it’s really working, and it’s only one of the major solar energy projects underway in the Israeli desert.

Power to the People

Have you heard of Kedma Solar Company? By focusing on putting solar-powered microgrids in people’s homes and businesses, Kedma Solar is putting power in the hands of the people. Israeli residents can now power their homes with solar PVs and make money on power put back in the grid from their homes. Affordable renewables create better opportunities for clean energy use all over the country!

Sharing is Caring

Innovation Africa is using Israeli solar technology to light up villages all over Africa, with projects in eight African countries and counting. IA works to provide African residents with renewable energy needed to help residents pump clean water, receive life-saving medical treatment, and provide education--all with Israeli solar energy.

Solaris Synergy

Solaris Synergy is converting water surfaces into cost-effective and reliable solar energy. In countries that have large water sources, but no waves, solar energy can be collected on the surface of lakes, oceans, and more! They also recently partnered with one of Israel’s biggest solar energy companies, Electra Energy to plan larger projects in Israel!

As you can see, Israel continues to play a huge part in environmental and solar energy innovation. Israel's research and products are brought and used all around the world to help create a happier and healthier Earth!


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