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Ice Coffee - אַיֵיס קָפֶה

Have you ever order an "ice coffee" and you get some frozen coffee-flavored drink?! You need to know the difference between "ice coffee" and "cold coffee."

Some things simply don't translate in Hebrew, and yet some things translate all too literally. For example, ice kafe, Israeli iced coffee is literally frozen coffee. It's kind of like a sweet, coffee slushy. These tasty beverages are addicting in the summer heat. You can get them at almost every coffee shop or corner store. So, if you're looking for a frappuccino-esque coffee, this is what you should order.

Two cups of ice coffee on Mount Arbel
Credit: Shifra Gottlei

BUT, if you're craving the classic rendition of American iced coffee, you need to order a cold coffee, or "kafe kar." Makes sense right? I mean, that's quite literally what it is!

We recommend hitting up Aroma or Arcaffe to get really amazing Israeli ice kafe. Enjoy!


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