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iKonnect's Top 5 Coolest Israeli Hi-Tech Companies

Israel is also known as the Start-Up Nation - and for good reason! Read about some of the awesome hi-tech companies here below!

A wooden table with 5 work laptops being used

01 Waze

Waze is #goals in the hi-tech world. They created a product so successful that Google bought it for over a billion dollars! It's still the only app for consumers to be bought for over a billion dollars in Israel. Because of its ability to tell real-time traffic updates and alerts, it allows you to avoid traffic more than the average app that just gives you directions. We will do ANYTHING to avoid traffic so -- the app might just be worth a billion dollars.

Israeli Hi-Tech company Waze's icon on a cell phone

02 Wix

This web development platform allows the user to build his own website. They have over 90 million users in 190 countries, and this can be attributed to their genius, user-friendly product. Another incredible Israeli hi-tech company that has been around for over 15 years, and continues to grow!

03 Mobileye

Mobileye is another multi-billion-dollar enterprise. It's a technology, not an app, that assists drivers in vehicles to avoid collisions. We can remember the first time we heard the "ding ding ding" in a car in Israel, and was shocked to learn it was Mobileye! It alerts you when you swerve out of your lane or get too close to another vehicle, and no doubt has prevented countless accidents. Genius.

04 Gett

This Israeli start-up rivals Uber in its taxi and delivery services. In Israel, Gett is pretty much all we use! Volkswagon invested 300 million dollars in the company recently, so they evidently see the potential in this hi-tech company, too!

05 MyHeritage

With over 85 million users and counting, MyHeritage is an Israeli company that is flourishing. And for good reason--using their platform, users can piece together their family history, using records of tons of documented family trees. They now even have a DNA testing kit (inexpensive) for people to find long-lost family members, or to trace their origins. Cool!


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