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iKonnect's Top 5 Israeli Chocolates

We love chocolate. It may not be a stereotypically "Israeli" food, but Israelis definitely know good chocolate! Here are our top 5 places to satisfy your chocolate sweet tooth!

Pile of chopped up Israeli chocolate

01 Ika Chocolate

Ika chocolatiers know what they're doing. Not only is their chocolate award-winning, but it's also a very unique experience! For example, their za'atar flavored praline is one of a kind, and definitely captures the flavor of Israel. You can order from them online, or visit them in Tel Aviv!

02 Cardinal Chocolaterie

The various ingredients might be sourced from all over, but the chocolate is Israeli and you can find it in your neighborhood right in central Tel Aviv! Batches are small which ensures freshness, and they are made daily in various shapes, colors, and flavors! Yummy!

03 Yaar Hacacao

Yaar Hacacao is a chocolate factory located in Talpiot, Jerusalem. They make the chocolates there on-site, and you can even sign up for a chocolate-making course to get the full experience! There are tons of different unique flavors, and the chocolate is fresh! But our absolute favorite from Yaar Hacacao is the hot chocolate sticks -- you simply dip them in hot milk and mix for the richest and tasty hot chocolate you ever had, in various flavors. A must for the chilly Israeli winter!

04 Holy Cacao

Holy Cacao is also award-winning chocolate, with an emphasis on sourcing ingredients fairly and treating all those involved with the process in a sustainable and respectful way. They are so transparent with the creation of their chocolate, and that is truly commendable. We love the values of the company, and the chocolate is of course delightful! There are locations all over Israel, so you can satisfy your craving no matter where in Israel you reside.

05 Max Brenner

OK, we know that Max Brenner isn't exclusive to Israel. But we simply couldn't leave it out of our recommendations -- they just do chocolate too well! Boasting a delicious menu of entrees, we all know the real star is the dessert. We're partial to the chocolate fondue, but you can order waffles, ice cream, crepes, and hot chocolate drinks galore here! Even during the lockdown, you can get some luscious chocolate delivered to your door!


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