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iKonnect's Top 5 Warm & Cozy Israeli Drinks

OK, New Year's Eve may not be the biggest deal in Israel, BUT, nothing like a chance to refresh our list of New Years Resolutions, right? Here are ours, tailored to life in Israel!

A cup of coffee with an Jewish star on top

01 Coffee

Cliche, but coffee is the superior beverage year-round in Israel. In winter, we switch from "kafe kar" or ice coffee to "kafe hafook" which translates to "upside-down coffee" or a cappuccino! However you take your coffee, it's sure to warm you up and help you power through the winter months!

02 Tea (with nana!)

Tea is a major part of Israel's culture. You can find people drinking it from morning to well into the night, and always after meals. Most commonly, "nana tea" or mint tea is served with fresh leaves to steep in the water! It is both refreshing and sure to warm you up immediately. Be careful not to burn your mouth!

03 Shoko Ham

This might be a personal favorite for me. "Shoko Ham", or hot chocolate, transports us back to childhood. To sledding down icy hills and building snowmen. Alas, we don't have much snow in Israel, but hot chocolate is still the best way to warm one's body and soul. You can buy the powdered mix, but we love "Aroma-style" hot chocolate, where the chocolate is melted and mixed into the milk as you go. Mmm!

04 Sahlav

Sahlav is definitely a unique Israeli drink. Made of a Sahlab orchid mixed with hot milk, this fragrant drink is usually served with shredded coconut, pistachio, or cinnamon. It's quite thick and borders between food and a beverage, but it's very tasty. You have to try it if you're in Israel, as it truly is an authentic Middle Eastern experience.

05 Hot Apple Cider

It's not the most common Israeli drink, but you can find it in many bars and cafes, or make your own! Apple cider soothes our home-sickness for Autumn and seasonal treats. Throw in a cinnamon stick and you're good to go!

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Mar 24, 2021

make sure they add red wine to your apple cider- its amazing!

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