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iKonnect's Top Dates for Valentine's Day in Israel

Lockdown or not, it's important to do something special with those we love! Here are our Top 5 Dates for Valentine's Day (and beyond!)

01 Picnic at Darom Adom

A pakal kafe set up in a field of red flowers with two cups of hot coffee at the kit base
Credit: Shifra Gottlieb

Darom Adom is a natural phenomenon in the south of Israel, where suddenly thousands of bright red flowers come into bloom, dotting the landscape. Conveniently, this is right around Valentine's Day. Though Corona might put a damper on the usual Darom Adom Festival, the flowers will bloom regardless. Pack your own picnic of wine, cheese, and chocolate, or you can see if any of the moshavim near Darom Adom are doing "take away picnics." This is usually an option each year! The spot is romantic and the photo opportunities are perfect for Valentine's Day.

02 Visit a National Park

One perk of Israel is that the weather is temperate nearly year-round. This means getting outside is almost always an option, and on Valentine's Day, that's no exception. There are tons of parks and hikes to explore (see our blog on Shvil Yisrael.) My favorite National Park in Israel is Apollonia National Park in Herzilya. It isn't too strenuous, and there are lots of scenic spots to stop and have a picnic. The whole park overlooks the glimmering Herzilya coastline. Perfect date spot!

03 Have a romantic dinner on the roof

A Valentine's Day picnic set up on a red checkered tablecloth

Most apartment buildings in Israel have a rooftop -- double check to see if yours does! If so, it's the perfect place for a date "at-home." A blanket, some candles or fairy lights, and a bottle of wine, and you're set! Order takeout for an easy meal, and enjoy the skyline of whatever city you're in!

04 Watch an Israeli movie with Israeli snacks

We love Israeli movies! You can look up classic Israeli movies to watch -- if you're looking for something in English, Exodus is a great option about the beginnings of Israel as a state! There are also loads of Israeli TV series on Netflix for you to curl up and binge. Stock up on chocolate Bamba and freeze it! (it's done in the Israeli movie theatres and it's so good!) Get some Bissli, popcorn, and some candy (they sell it individually in most nuts/corner stores) and you're good to go!

05 Do a tasting at one of the many wineries

Israel is known for its amazing wine. Most wineries have an option for tastings, even during Corona. Most of the wineries are located in scenic and green areas, such as Zihron Yaakov. Pair the wine with a hike or picnic and you are set for a lovely Valentine's Day.


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