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iKonnect's Top Ideas for Mishloah Manot

"Mishloah Manot" are basically festive food and gift baskets that Jews gift to each other on Purim. It's considered a mitzvah (good deed) to give them, and must contain food or drink! Check out our ideas below!

A large pile of baked mishloah manot

01 Israeli Breakfast Basket

If you've been to Israeli, you know all about the Israeli breakfasts. Why not share the staple foods in a cute gift basket? We recommend including a small Israeli chopped salad, a fresh loaf of bread, white cheese, some hard-boiled eggs, and maybe some fresh-squeezed orange juice from delicious Israeli oranges. We're getting hungry just thinking about it!

02 Shabbat Classic Basket

Shabbat is like a holiday every single week, so yes, the food is worth adding to a mishloah manot basket! A few fresh basked challot, some nice Israeli wine, and assorted dips (hummus, matbuha, eggplant, olive dip) and maybe a cake for dessert? And you have yourself a delicious mishloah manot basket for Purim!

03 Israeli Snack Basket

There are so many snacks unique to Israel. So if you want to make a Mishloach Manot basket of Israeli snacks, you have a lot of interesting options. Bamba, of course, is a staple snack, but try throwing in some of the different flavors to make it more interesting! Bissli is hard and crunchy, Apropo is salty and basically a Bugel, and to balance out the salty, throw in something sweet like Krembo or Klik chocolate. Even Israeli Doritos is an experience as the flavors differ here! You can basically walk through the grocery store in the chips aisle and see what looks best!

04 Pakal Kafe Basket

Every Wednesday is a Pakal Kafe with iKonnect! We're no strangers to a strong cup of coffee with a nice view -- why not introduce the concept to your friends too? To make it a basket, buy a cute mug, black (Turkish) coffee, assorted cookies, and some milk! Let them do the rest and enjoy.

05 Israeli Wine & Cheese Basket

You can't go wrong with wine and cheese, ever. That includes in a mishloah manot basket. Israel has some incredible wineries all over the country, so you can choose from the selection. Throw in a few spreads, hard cheeses, and maybe some olives and pickles, and you might be tempted to make yourself a mishloah manot basket too.

*But remember, the idea is to give! So enjoy thinking of creative baskets for those in your life.*


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