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Israeli Art Ambassadors

Since its establishment in 1948, Israel has been a breeding ground for many wonderful artists, be it in painting, sculpting, design, or any other medium. Israeli artists have spent time in the spotlight of the artistic world, and with many gaining international fame, making a name for themselves and Israel alike. Here are some of Israel’s most famous and influential artists, a large part of Israeli culture!

Reuven Rubin

Rubin was the first Jewish Israeli painter to show his work in his own exhibition. Born in Romania in 1893, Rubin studied art in Israel at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem and in Paris and quickly became one of Israel’s prominent painters. He brought a unique style that he cultivated during the time he spent in the United States, a style that helped shape the beginning of modern Israeli art. After his passing in 1974, his house was bequeathed to the Tel Aviv Municipality.

Yaacov Agam

Yaacov Agam is one of Israel's most famous artists, who gained national and international fame, due to his unique style of art. Agam, the father of kinetic art, creates kinetic pieces to challenge your perspective. Amongst his work, you can find the Dizengoff Square water fountain in Tel Aviv, the colorful front side of the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv, and a fountain in the La Defense Quarter in Paris. If you can’t get enough of his artwork, check out the Yaacov Agam Museum in Rishon LeZion that is devoted solely to his art.

Abed Abdi

Probably a name you haven't heard, but Abed Abdi is one of Israel’s most influential Arab artists. After studying art in Germany for seven years, Abdi returned to Israel and began publishing his work. Abdi was the first Arab to gain acceptance into the Israel Painters and Sculptors Association, and he received the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport award for his work.

Menashe Kadishman

The man and his sheep. The Tel-Aviv-born painter spent many years employed as a shepherd, something that evidently influenced his artwork, seeing as most of his paintings and sculptures feature sheep. His work has become extremely famous over the years in Israel and around the world, and you can find his drawings in museums and many main offices all around Israel.

If you love Israeli art as much as we do, we urge you to read about Rami Meiri and have a look at some of his magnificent murals. Chances are you’ve walked by many of his creations around the country, so now is the chance to meet the face behind the art.


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