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Israeli War Movies

One way to help us really understand our history, culture, and experience as a country is through art. We not only want to understand in our minds but in our hearts as well.

Movies are such a beautiful and moving art form, that really help us step back in time to another place, and another moment.

As we dive into learning about Israel and its history, one of the best ways is by creating space in our hearts for feeling both the ache and gratitude of our journey as a country. Movies are able to strike a chord in the heart the way many other things cannot, and teach us on a whole new level.

Here are three of our top Israeli war movies, which so accurately and emotionally depict what it is like to live in a country constantly under the threat of war.

So sit back, open your hearts, and watch both the pains and miracles of our beautiful country!


Lebanon (2009)

Directed by Shmulik Maoz, the film depicts the first day of the First Lebanon War, from the eyes of a team in one tank.

Bethlehem (2013)

The movie gives us a peek into Israeli Intelligence and how it operates, while it shows the relationship between a Shabak agent and his informant, a 17-year-old Palestinian boy.

Mivtzah Yonatan (1977)

The movie tells the story of Operation Entebbe (or Thunderbolt), the operation where the elite force under Yonatan Netanyahu's commandment (Bibi's brother) flew to Uganda, to release the hostages of the "Air France" plane kidnapped by Palestinian and German terrorists. The film was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar Award that year.


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