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About the Recanati Winery

Titled the "symbol of excellence" in the world of wine connoisseurs, Recanati Winery's success speaks for itself.

As one of Israel's newest wineries devoted to quality and fine kosher wines, Recanati has soared to the top of the Israeli wine industry, pleasantly surprising us all with the tastes and class of authentic Israeli wine.

Recanati Winery was established in 2000 by Lenny Recanati and Uri Shaked with the aim of creating a new winery producing original and quality Israeli wine. They began with a vision; they dreamed of sharing the beauty and authentic tastes of the local wines made the land of Israel, wines that best express the local terroir.

חבית יין ביקב רקנאטי - A barrel of wine at Recanati Winery. Cave Recanati

The wine production process is led by chief winemaker Kobi Arviv, who began his work at the winery in 2006, and continues to expand and develop his knowledge deep into the world of wine. Arviv, a talented and original winemaker, believes in adapting the Mediterranean varieties to the climate of Eretz Israel, an authentic winemaking philosophy revolutionizing the world of Israeli wines. The wines made at Recanati Winery reflect the land in all of its authenticity and magic, found in the details of the vineyard themselves, the different indigenous grape varieties, and the terrain in which the grapes are grown.

The winery has vineyards in the best growing areas in the country, and is very passionate about growing unique Mediterranean varieties such as Petite Sirah, Marselan and Carignan and local varieties (Marawi), while simultaneously nurturing classic international varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and others.

With Recanati, whether you want to stick with a traditional blend, or venture out into new and authentic Israeli delicacies, there is a perfect wine for you!

בציר ענבים ביקב רקנטי - Grape vintage at Recanati Winery. Cave Recanati
קרדיט- ליאת משען

Recanati Winery can boast many of its unprecedented achievements in recent years, both locally and internationally, with pride, as it has begun to revolutionize the world of Kosher Israeli wines. And while they may have already gone where few other wineries have gone, Recanati is not done creating! They continue to cultivate new vineyards, apply new methods, and conduct cutting edge research in the world of agriculture and wine each day, to ensure the finest wines for their customers! But most importantly, they produce wine with a great passion and constant drive to improve and give maximum expression to the wonderful Israeli terroir at our disposal!

**Recanati Winery, the Symbol of Excellence**


If you would like to enjoy more of the wonderful tastes of Recanati Winery, head on over to our wine club, and receive bottles of Israel's finest wines!


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