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Jaywalking Ticket

Everyone has an "Only in Israel" story!

Here's Rachel's story:

I had recently made Aliyah to Jerusalem and was on my way to my ulpan class early Sunday morning. I was in the center of town, and with barely any cars on the road yet, I crossed the street where there was not a designated place for pedestrian cross. I jaywalked.

A market stall at the Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem

All of a sudden and out of nowhere, two police officers came to me to give me a ticket for my jaywalk! I couldn’t believe it - on a completely car-free road, early morning, they were adamant in me paying. The officers had already written up the ticket.

I told them I was an olah hadasha, and did not have the money for the ticket. I was on my way to ulpan, and just got to Israel! How was it possible that I was the rare receiver of a jaywalking ticket?!

In a sudden change of events and heart, one of the officers offered to pay the ticket for me! It was already written and therefore needed to be paid. But after we spoke about my situation, even though I technically did do something illegal, he had the kindness to offer to pay it for me. Of course, I refused to accept such kindness, but he insisted!

I left in shock, but mostly in awe of our country. We all have each other’s backs. No matter what. Even police officers, whose job is to enforce the law, are filled with love and kindness. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!



Israel is all about love and kindness.



What a nice policeman!

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